January 20
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The downed Azerbaijani unmanned aerial vehicle of Israeli production indicates a good level of training of Armenian air defense, the co-chair of the Israel-Armenia International Public Forum Alexander Tzinker told reporters on Thursday.

According to him, Israel hopes that the Karabakh conflict will be resolved, and by this time there will be no negative geopolitical situation.

He noted that Israel is a leading exporter of military products to various countries, including Azerbaijan. At the same time, Tzinker did not forget to note that Russia also supplies weapons to Azerbaijan.

“There is an understanding that relations with any country should not be built against the third. On the other hand, there is Iran, which does not hide its desire to destroy Israel, therefore, everything that happens around Iran cannot but be of interest to Israel. Azerbaijan, on the one hand, borders with Iran, on the other, has good relations with Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, with which, like many other Muslim countries, Israel has good relations,” he added.

Touching upon Turkish-Israeli relations, the NGO co-chair noted that Turkey has become one of the leading countries in the world in terms of anti-Semitism, and this situation, as well as the level of bilateral relations, can only change with the departure of Erdogan.

“It is important that bad political relations at the level of leadership of countries do not develop into bad relations between nations,” he said.

The air defense units of the Artsakh Defense Army on September 25 in the territory of Akna shot down Azerbaijani unmanned aerial vehicle.

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