December 09
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People at Libra and Facebook in itself took a very courageous step to open it up to the public discussion, Arthur Vayloyan is the CEO and a Board Member at Bitcoin Suisse AG said in an interview with FinTech and crypto expert Henri Arslanian for Armenian

“We all know where Facebook stands when it comes to privacy issues. We know the opinions we have about Facebook when it comes to live up to the concerns we had. And, of course, in that context, to come up with something almost intimate as money, private money, crypto assets, is a courageous step. I think it deserves a bit of an applause to start this discussion,” he said in an interview during the Yerevan-hosted WCIT 2019.      

He explained that the concept of value exchange, the money exchange has been finally brought on stage with Libra. However, Vayloyan does not think it is a crypto asset.

“I think, for me at least crypto asset is reserved to the topics of the public block chains that generate crypto assets as a reward system in itself. So, it is almost like a closed circle block chain. Like the Bitcoin, and it is always the best example, it feeds in itself with its own currency and it is hard to fit. So those people who said Bitcoin is bad, block chain is good, get lost,” he added.

Asked about Armenia, a host of WCIT 2019, Vayloyan said he “feels home” here.

“The reception was fabulous, it feels home. Congratulations to Armenia that they achieved this moment. I know so many people worked extremely hard to get to that point, and this is one of the many things you will continue to achieve, and I am proud of this,” he said.

The full interview is available in the video

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