March 01
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Armenia will conclude its economy in 2019 with an about 7% growth. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan on Saturday noted this in his remarks at the “My Step for Aragatsotn Province” investment business programs forum being held in Sasunik village of Aragatsotn Province.

“It’s a pretty high indicator in the expanse of the Eurasian Economic Union,” he added. “Of course, it’s understandable that our base is very low, and a 7% economic growth is not the indicator from which we should feel happy. This year’s economic indicators show that our economic ambitions have become a reality; our vision is realistic.”

The PM said that it is important to create mega projects that transform Armenia, and today there is an opportunity to fund those mega projects.

“Armenia will conclude this year with a historic record-breaking indicator in terms of international reserves,” Pashinyan said. “This year, as of December 31, we will have the highest indicator of international reserves in the history of the third Republic [of Armenia]; this attests to the stability of our country’s financial system.

“In the data for the first three quarters, the Central Bank [of Armenia] has made about $433 million in purchases in Armenia’s market this year; that is, with the results of the first nine months, $433 million of extra foreign currency means have appeared in Armenia’s market; this is related to the growth in tourism. This is not a success, but an opportunity.”

The premier added how this success should be put to use.

“The answer to this question is partnership,” he said. “Partnership between the government, small and medium-sized enterprise and big business, and today all conditions are created [in Armenia] for that partnership.”

In his words, today there is no division in Armenia between opposition and pro-government businessmen.

“We consider all businessmen our ally,” Nikol Pashinyan concluded. “Economic revolution is not possible without alliances with businessmen who need to feel protected. 

“Every businessman who works, operates within the law, pays taxes, must sense the backing of the government, regardless of the political views of that businessman.”

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