March 01
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The key factor in the economic revolution is individual effort, as we see the way to overcome poverty is by encouraging people to start a business from scratch and stand on their feet in the Republic of Armenia. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan on Saturday stated this in his remarks at the “My Step for Aragatsotn Province” investment business programs forum being held in Sasunik village of Aragatsotn Province.

“The whole point of our economic policy is that we be able to clearly convey this message to each and every person,” he added. “Each and every citizen of Armenia must record that that he has to earn a living with his ‘sweat,’ and this is the meaning of the [economic] revolution [in Armenia].”

The PM stressed that people can now lawfully import into Armenia whatever they want.

In his words, future entrepreneurs need to be assisted by being provided respective education, and schoolchildren need to be taught business skills.

“Those business skills are needed in the cultural domain, too,” Nikol Pashinyan added, in particular. “There can be no ‘product’ that people don’t need.”

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