August 12
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Armenian News - presents a daily digest of Armenia-related top news as of 16.10.19:

·       One police officer was shot dead while another was beaten in Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia.

On Wednesday, at about 4:30, police officers noticed two persons near the entrance to Victory Park

These persons, having seen the patrol car, fled. Police officers pursued and caught them on an avenue, but these persons resisted. During this time, one of them grabbed one of these policemen’s pistol, shot at one of them, and hit the other officer of the law with the handle of this pistol. 

Police officer Tigran Arakelyan, 38, died of the gunshot wound he sustained.

Later, it became known, that the attackers are brothers.

According to them, they have committed a robbery in one of the beauty salons in Armenia and police noticed it so they decided to flee.

·       At a meeting of the parliamentary commission on foreign policy and European integration for the first time in the walls of the legislative body of Moldova, a future initiative on recognition by the parliament of the country of the Armenian genocide has been announced, Accent TV reported.

MP Hayk Vartanyan, who is also the Chair of the Armenian Community of the Republic of Moldova, said that one of the key points of disagreement between Turkey and the EU is the fact that the Turkish government denied the Armenian genocide.

“Given the fact that soon a legislative initiative will be introduced in the Moldovan parliament to recognize the Armenian Genocide and Moldova may join most countries of the EU, as well as the Russian Federation, which have already recognized this fact, this may entail negative reaction from the Turkish government”, the source reported quoting Vartanyan.

·       Armenia has become the 40th country in the Ryanair network, the commercial director of the airline, David O'Brien said on Wednesday in Armenia at the presentation of the Irish low-cost airline Ryanair.

According to him, they are in Armenia today to announce three new destinations from Yerevan: Flights to Rome and Milan will start in January, and Berlin will be next summer. Also, the first flight to Europe, to Memmingen, is likely to start from Gyumri, in the summer of 2020.

According to him, they will have no flights to Russia, however, in all other areas, ticket prices will be quite affordable. On average, ticket prices go up to EUR 35, he said adding that the first flight to Armenia, as noted by the commercial director of the Irish airline, will take place on January 14.

As Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan noted, the entry of Ryanair into our market will increase the flow of tourists to Armenia.

·       The second Global Innovation Forum (GIF) on “Transforming Intelligence” opened in Armenia on Wednesday with the participation of leading scientists and thought leaders.

The forum is set to explore the impact of AI on science and society from the scientific, technological, and industrial perspectives.

At GIF19 scientists and leaders will engage in academic discussions and visionary debates, sharing their expertise and research findings. The speakers are representing such companies as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Flagship Pioneering, as well as universities of Alabama, Tel Aviv, Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The forum organized by Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology (FAST) will last till October 18.

·       A special ceremony dedicated to the cancellation of a new international postage stamp by HayPost, featuring 2018 Aurora Prize Laureate Kyaw Hla Aung, was held on Wednesday during the inaugural Aurora Forum, in the Kamar Business Center in Yerevan.

The new stamp was released in cooperation with the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative with Haypost, the National Postal Operator of Armenia, and the Ministry of High-Tech Industry of Armenia. This collaboration started in 2017. 

“I was alone with my community’s issues for decades. Unfortunately, human rights violations and crimes against humanity are still happening in the 21st century, too, in front of the world, and almost nobody says a word to prevent disasters. And now it’s for the first time that me and our people, the Rohingya Muslims in Rakhine State, feel strong support from the Aurora side. The stamp with my image is very touching, and it is an important step to tell our story across the world,” noted the 2018 Aurora Prize Laureate Kyaw Hla Aung.