September 30
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Armenian News - presents a daily digest of Armenia-related top news as of 17.10.19:

·       A landslide occurred Thursday in Armenia's Kapan town, which caused the collapse of the house, Ministry of Emergencies' press service reported.

People remain under the rubble of the house.

So far, the body of Ela P (born 1950) was removed under the rubble of a collapsed two-story house in Kapan, the Ministry of Emergencies' press service reported adding that another body was found later under the rubbles.

Search and rescue operations have been set up.

·       Investigators from the Special Investigation Service (SIS) have conducted investigations at the Constitutional Court (CC) within the criminal case the SIS has launched based on the report by independent MP Arman Babajanyan.

Earlier, Armen Ashotyan, Vice-chair of the former ruling Republican Party of Armenia (RPA), informed that a SIS investigator on Thursday had come to the RPA headquarters to confiscate materials related to the termination of CC president Hrayr Tovmasyan’s RPA membership.

Babajanyan, in his turn, claims Tovmasyan has usurped the office of CC President by using criminal schemes, and the MP filed a petition with the Prosecutor General’s Office in early October demanding a criminal legal assessment of these “gross violations.”

Retired father, 75, and two daughters of Hrayr Tovmasyan are summoned to the NSS, lawyer, human rights activist Ruben Melikyan, in turn, wrote on Facebook.

·       The Armenian Prime Minister, Nikol Pashinyan, met with the mothers of the fallen military servicemen.

Pashinyan recalled that the range of beneficiaries of the Insurance Foundation for Servicemen is expanding at a very fast pace, and the foundation has already begun to make payments also for the respective incidents that occurred after 1998.

“We’ve gone back 19 years within 1.5 years; we’ve resolved the matter of 19-year beneficiaries,” he said. “Our objective is to go back and reach to the very beginning; it requires work from us, which we will do.”

·       Law enforcement officers discovered a gun from which police officer Tigran Arakelyan was shot dead last night after he and another policeman pursued and caught two persons on an avenue after they had robbed the beauty salon.

According to the press service of the police, a service pistol was found at the place of residence of the suspects.

Also, by the decree of the Armenian President, police officer Tigran Arakelyan has been posthumously awarded the Medal for Bravery, informed the Public Relations Department of the Office of the President.

·       The audit conducted at the Ministry of Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources included the period from 2017 to September 30, 2018, said the representative of the Audit Chamber Karen Arustamyan on Thursday noting that the audit was also carried out in the High-voltage electric networks of Armenia company. As a result of the audit, 20 protocols were compiled. Thanks to the audit, a discrepancy of AMD 9.9 billion out of a total of AMD 29.7 billion was found.

According to him, the document, which caused certain doubts among the auditors, was sent for study to the prosecutor's office. Discrepancies between High-voltage electric networks of Armenia and international contractors were revealed. As a result, the reconstruction of the Charentsavan substation has been suspended since 2017, allegedly due to changes in the requirements for the power system.

·       The CNN has included Armenian lavash on its list of the 50 of the world’s best breads.

“When your Armenian mother-in-law comes towards you wielding a hula hoop-sized flatbread, don't duck: Lavash is draped over the country's newlyweds to ensure a life of abundance and prosperity,” the source noted.

Armenia’s lavash comes second after Bolani of Afghanistan and leaves behind Damper bread of Australia.