September 28
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We demand the immediate withdrawal from circulation of the draft decision of the Armenian Public Services Regulatory Commission as illegal and unconstitutional, said in a statement by a number of public organizations in connection with the project submitted by the PSRC to provide Internet providers with personal data of subscribers.

“The Public Services Regulatory Commission introduced a draft decision, if adopted, all Internet providers operating in the territory of Armenia will be obliged to collect and store a number of data about their subscribers, which will allow law enforcement agencies to find out what sites the subscribers visit if necessary, what equipment they uses, as well as the day, hour and address of letters sent to them by mail,” the statement said. “Having analyzed the draft decision of the Commission from the point of view of the legislation of Armenia and international practice, we came to the conclusion that this document contradicts a number of laws and constitutional provisions of the republic. In fact, the Commission decides that Internet providers are obliged to save data of a person who, according to the law on personal data, is considered personal information, namely any information relating to an individual that allows or can allow directly or indirectly identifying a person’s identity,” they noted. “One of the important conditions is that personal information is considered to be this very “identification directly or indirectly”. The IP address allocated at the time of the subscriber’s communication can be used to determine the place of stay. Not a single law in Armenia allows an electronic communications service provider to collect and use data such as, for example, an email address. Information about search queries or visits to the subscriber’s Internet sites can clearly be considered a secret of private and family life, and the inviolability of a person’s private life is protected by article 31 of the Constitution and can be limited only by law."

The statement was signed by the Open Society Foundations - Helsinki Citizens' Assembly-Vanadzor, the Transparency International Anticorruption Center, Journalists Club Asparez,  Public Journalism Club, the Committee to Protect Freedom of Expression, ANI Armenian Research Center.

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