November 17
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The resignation of the security forces - and the country now lives without the head of the police, without the head of the NSS and without the head of the state security service - this is a serious political crisis, political scientist, director of the Caucasus Institute Alexander Iskandaryan told reporters.

According to the political scientist, when revolutions take place, very different people come to power. 

"The engine of the revolution is a couple of tens of people in Armenia, and tens of thousands of officials are needed. It is clear that these are fellow travelers, people who were at the right time in the right place. People who accidentally fell into power. Well, we know how this happened. Such people then cannot but come into conflict. In household vocabulary, this is described by the expression - the revolution devours its children," he said. "When those who were protest managers fall into power. They have some ideas about public administration. And so they come and begin to give directions to professionals. And these professionals are people from another test, with different biographies. They are slowing down the instructions from above, a contradiction ensues. And they spill out of power."

The political scientist noted that the broad masses no longer have economic expectations from the revolution. 

As for economic growth, the political scientist noted, it began in 2017 and continues nowadays.

"But when I talk about expectations, they were of a completely different nature. There are no such changes in the economy. You cannot press a button and turn Zimbabwe into Switzerland and vice versa," he added.

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