November 15
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Some approaches of the Armenian authorities lead to a split in society, the President of the International Center for Human Development Tevan Poghosyan told reporters on Wednesday.

In order to avoid sharp reactions to some events, authorities, as well as law enforcement agencies, should work on the principle of transparency, accountability, and, no less important, justification.

According to him, belated validity leads to the fact that a certain reaction appears in society that leads to a split, and this is reflected in many processes, including criminal cases.

“This was the result of talk about raising salaries for ministers. It is clear that the issue of social security of the state apparatus employees is very important, as Nikol Pashinyan talked about during the election race, but the way this is being implemented is important, and in this sense, justification and willingness to make the necessary legislative changes in the future are very important. You need to understand that covert actions can be a sign of protection from further developments,” he said.

The expert added that the belated official position in the form of substantiation on certain criminal cases leads to the fact that the corresponding culture towards the institution of the presumption of innocence is not formed in society.

“If earlier from the point of view of security it was advisable to keep silent about something, today it is already the opposite situation, that is, openness does not give a result from the point of view of ensuring unity. Both approaches were carried out towards a split,” he concluded.

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