July 12
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The fact that the Armenian Revolution is in the interests of the United States is spoken openly about in the Voice of America report on the hearings at the US Congress by the Helsinki Committee, Vahan Ishkhanyan wrote in a Facebook post.


"Miriam Lanskoy of the National Endowment for Democracy notes in Armenia's achievements that Putin's friend, second president Robert Kocharyan, has been arrested and is being tried.

"And Arsen Kharatyan, a former adviser to Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, says this revolution could not have been possible without the tremendous American support.

"Then Daniel Ionesyan says that forces enjoying Russia’s backing are fighting against the revolutionary power, and calls for 'freezing the property in the US and everywhere of those who have been convicted of legal offenses in Armenia.'

"NA My Step faction MP Hamazasp Danielyan tells the US Congress members, ‘This is the last opportunity for our generation to make the most important task of building a solid democracy.’ Since these words are sound at the same time when a doctor is taken off the surgery table and taken to the NSS for questioning, when they throw in prison an innocent man just because he is related to a judge who refuses the prime minister's wishes, and when they generally abolish the shaky independence of the court, the symbol of democracy, then it’s another ‘last chance.’

"Like Saakashvili's dictatorship and the Ukrainian Maidan were, the American ‘task’ and ‘last opportunity’ to destroy relations between Armenia and Russia is hidden under the conspiracy of ‘building a strong democracy’ in Armenia, too. In the event of a change of a change of power, this ‘last opportunity’ will be missed. And what will happen to Armenia if this ‘task’ is fulfilled, look at Georgia, then Ukraine, and multiply the scope of the disaster by several times,” Ishkhanyan wrote.

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