July 16
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Security forces opened fire to disperse protesters on a bridge in central Baghdad, Reuters reported.

The shootings took place on or near three of Baghdad’s main bridges - Ahrar, Shuhada, and Bab al-Muadham.

More than 260 Iraqis have been killed since the start of the protests on October 1. Yesterday, at least 13 protesters were shot dead by security forces.

AP reported the death of two demonstrators in the city of Karbala.

Protesters on Wednesday blocked the entrance to the Nassiriya oil refinery. They stopped tankers that deliver fuel to gas stations, to the refinery, which led to a shortage of fuel.

Security forces violently dispersed the sit-in. Protesters camped in front of the provincial government.

Prime Minister Abdul Mahdi said the protests have an economic impact that the country can not afford, and asked the demonstrators to refrain from further damage to public and private property.

According to a Reuters source, arrest warrants for protest organizers have been issued. Dozens have already been arrested in Basra and Nassiriya.

The US Embassy in Baghdad condemned the deadly violence against unarmed demonstrators and called on Iraqi leaders to urgently establish contact with protesters.

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