January 25
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A team from Gyumri was named the winner of the Robotex Armenia international robotics contest with Armenian and Artsakh teams being in the final.

The winners received prizes and gifts from Ucom. The first place was the team of the school at the Polytechnic University Gyumri branch, “Adana” team of the secondary school N7 of Stepanakert was the second, while “Hanchar” (“Genius”) of Ijevan’s N5 school was the thirds.

Speaking at the award ceremony, Robotex contest spokesman Karl-Tanel Paes said he was impressed by the number of enthusiasts participating in such a complex robotics contest from such a young age.

“I’m sure that you all learned something new at this competition and this is the key thing in this event,” Paes said.

Ucom co-founder and CEO Hayk Yesayan thanked the participants for an interesting competition and added that choosing the winners was a difficult task.

Yesayan noted that all the teams that reached the finals have chosen various and interesting ways to solve their tasks.

 “Everyone approached the solution in different ways,” he said.

Member of the jury, representative of Ucom company Hayk Zargaryan noted that Robotex Armenia has become a very interesting and innovative competition. He expressed confidence that the winners will contribute to the development of the UAV industry in Armenia.

In turn, the jury member, Director of Synotec Hrant Khachatryan told Armenian that the Armenian teams demonstrated fantastic results at the Robotex Armenia.

“There are practically no international competitions of this level of complexity,” he said. “In general, the different approaches are used when organizing such events. Sometimes preference is given to tasks of high complexity, which helps to identify both potential and existing gaps in the field. Well, sometimes it’s done for a show.”

In Armenia they adopt the first approach, as the organizers have a task of training new personnel who will subsequently work in local companies, Khachatryan added.

Commenting on the question of whether Armenian teams recorded progress as compared to last year’s competition, Khachatryan replied: “Definitely. But, more important is the progress recorded by their trainers at engineering classes. Some schools in the regions do not have heating in winter, but these people managed to create conditions, interest and inspire children and give them knowledge. It is very difficult to motivate children of this age, as the alternative is playing mobile games.”

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