July 18
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YEREVAN. - The Armenian Government must implement prompt measures to raise the quality of services and reduce corruption risks, Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan stated on Thursday. The first step was an attempt to establish proper annual vehicle checkup control.

"Our citizens must realize that the measure is supposed to put an end to the practice of extortion of money from them," the premier said. "We have done away with all such chances because, under the Government`s decision, the checkup stations should be interested in rendering high-quality services for citizens to prefer their services."

Other steps are aimed to resolve the problems raised by the Armenian President at his meeting with Armenian policemen. The police system has to raise the quality of its services as well.

"Within the next few weeks we are to discuss car registration and issuance of driving licenses, an area that contains high corruption risks. We must ensure transparency and put an end to the official functions causing corruption risks," Premier Sargsyan added.

The next area to be dealt with is real estate cadastre, which is most often complained about, as well as registry offices.

"Citizens complain about corruption there. We have also addressed passport issuance, an area posing serious corruption risks," noted prime minister. "Our latest monitoring shows that corruption has been put an end to in this area. It means that the Government`s steps to simplify procedures can prove successful. We must get similar results in the areas I have just mentioned as well."

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