December 11
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Latar Hotel Complex today hosted the presentation of the book “At the Threshold of Sunset: Memories and Thoughts” by remarkable Armenian state and political figure Alexan Kirakosyan, and the presentation was dedicated to the author’s 100th anniversary.

Third President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan also attended the presentation along with several intellectuals invited to the event, including Alexan Kirakosyan’s former colleagues, friends, relatives and family members.

In the introduction of his book, the author particularly wrote the following: “In this book, I aspired to place the main emphasis on my thoughts and the issues of my concern.

Every generation affirms the great symbol of life with its history, and I have no pretention to set aside or attach importance to the history of my generation. Any memoir is the interpretation of the particular person of a certain period of history and the times…

I am certain that anyone who intends to write memories has definitely thought twice and had suspicions, and this is a standard. You have to present your life in the given time period in which there is light and shade.

I have been lucky to know great individuals and met cowards. Most of them are no longer with us, while others are among us and by our side. In both cases, I face a difficult issue and feel responsible. Each word becomes more important, and I can’t forget any moment.

I would like to get ahead of myself and say that this memoir doesn’t present my life, much less a complete and comprehensive picture of the time, and I couldn’t set such an objective. Thus, these are only episodes,” Alexan Kirakosyan wrote.

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