June 14
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Armenia’s biggest security challenge is Karabakh conflict, as military escalation will have disastrous consequences with even global impact, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said when speaking at the Italian think tank.

In his speech at the Institute for International Political Studies, the Prime Minister reiterated his position that any solution to the conflict must be acceptable to the people of Armenia, people of Karabakh and the people of Azerbaijan. Pashinyan emphasized that the conflict cannot be settled without compromise and dialogue.

However, Armenian PM added that Azerbaijani leader Aliyev did not respond to his statement and remains on their position.

“Azerbaijani authorities should understand there is no alternative to peace talks. First of all it is useless to speak with Armenia and Artsakh in the language of threat. This is a way to nowhere,” he added.

Pashinyan emphasized that in case of hostilities Azerbaijan will provide ground for terrorists who lost ground in other countries and are looking for new territories to set up their operations. Thus, being setp up in Azerbaijan they could penetrate in all four directions.

“Karabakh is a complicated and painful issue for the region. If we took responsibility for the future of our people, we have to make steps to make real changes. We are sincere in our aspiration for peace in the region,” he added.

Armenian PM said he looked through the website of the Institute, he saw a headline of the discussion titled “Ink is Better than Blood”.

“There was enough blood in this conflict. We need ink and firm hands to put an end and to bring peace to people of our region,” he said summing up his speech.

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