December 13
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Armenia and Qatar are turning a new page in their relations. This is how President Armen Sarkissian briefly summed up the results of his three-day official visit to the State of Qatar. Citizens of Armenia won’t have to apply for visas to travel to Qatar. This will promote the growth of tourism in both countries and make it easy for businessmen to visit each other’s countries which, in its turn, will promote the growth of business ties.

“This will also help Qatari and Armenian businessmen visit each other’s countries and see what opportunities there are for investments,” Armen Sarkissian told journalists.

Other doors opened after the intensive meetings. For instance, citizens of Armenia have prospects for a god education at the international educational platform of the Qatar Foundation, and this is the result of the meeting with the Emir’s mother, Sheikha Moza.

Qatar is very interested in modern technologies, and Armenia can have expectations for serious investments in this field. Armen Sarkissian invited the leader of Qatar and Sheikha Moza to Armenia to explore the opportunities for investments in this field and attend several international conferences to be held in the country.

“They are very interested in new technologies and provide a tremendous amount of funding for the development of the field, and Armenia has the potential. Armenia lacks an industry, but it has talented programmers who can lay the foundation for the industry,” Armen Sarkissian said.

At Armen Sarkissian’s invitation, Qatari businessmen will soon visit Armenia. In Doha, the President met with the leadership of the Qatari Businessmen Association and the member businessmen and representatives of member companies and presented the investment opportunities and opportunities for competition in Armenia.

“Armenia is not only a country with beautiful nature, tremendous historical and cultural heritage and ancient history, but also a country where tourism and the service sector are growing at a rather rapid pace and a country with a well-established banking system. So, I invite you to Armenia to become familiar with our country and the opportunities for doing business. Our doors are open for you,” the President told the businessmen.

The representative of Abu issa Holding is one of the businessmen preparing to visit Armenia and hopes it will be as easy to work with the Armenians in Armenia as it is with the Armenians he knows abroad.

“Unfortunately, we Qataris didn’t know much about Armenia, but we are impressed by what the President told us. I am currently thinking about starting a business in Armenia. The President invited us to Armenia to discover the opportunities of his country. I believe we will visit in the first half of next year, and this will provide us with the opportunity to not only explore the opportunities for doing business, but also admire the beautiful nature of Armenia,” Vice-President of Abu issa Holding Namil Abu Issa told journalists.

Besides tourism, there is also another area that may attract Qatari businessmen, and that area is food safety, which the President talked about during his meeting with the Minister of Municipality and Environment.

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