December 16
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Armenian News - presents a daily digest of Armenia’s top news as of 22.11.2019.

  • Armenia’s ex-MP, Yerevan resident Levon Sargsyan, 51, was found and arrested on November 21, in Zelenograd city of the Moscow region of Russia.

He has been wanted under several articles of the Armenian Criminal Code since October 1, 2018. Sargsyan is accused of ordering the robbery attack on Armen Avetisyan's house 11 years ago.

The issue of his extradition is currently being resolved.

  • Senator David Purdue blocked Armenian Genocide resolution.

Senators Menendez and Cruz made their request on the floor of the U.S. Senate, using a parliamentary procedure to fast-track consideration of the document, in the wake of the near-unanimous adoption of an identical resolution in the U.S. House.

Last week, only Senator Graham took to the floor to object to expedite passage of the resolution authored by Robert Menendez and Ted Cruz. Senators can present the resolution for unanimous consent as often as needed as part of a coordinated strategy to secure its passage.

  • President of the Football Federation of Armenia (FFA) Artur Vanetsyan and the FFA Executive Committee have resigned.

General Secretary of the FFA Armen Melikbekyan will continue to serve his term, and the election of the regular assembly, the Executive Committee’s members and the new president will take place on December 23. Artur Vanetsyan, who is also former head of National Security Service, won’t be running in the elections.

  • Armenian Ombudsman’s office is following the situation over a scandalous video showing Armenia Police obtaining evidence with the use of a gas gun and clubs.

Ombudsman Arman Tatoyan posted this video on his Facebook page adding that he would send an officially signed letter to the criminal prosecution body with the demand on launching an investigation.

“The case will be under my close attention within the competence of the Human Rights Defender,” he said.

Later in the day police said they are conducting an investigation into the video.

  • The agreement on lifting the visa requirements between Armenia and China will be adopted in early December. National Assembly (NA) of Armenia Vice Speaker Lena Nazaryan noted this on her Facebook page.

The agreement will be adopted by the parliament at its sitting on December 3-6 and will come into force within a month after it is signed by the Armenian President.

  • A group of hikers had gone missing in the Geghama mountain range in Armenia since Thursday evening.

Head of hiking club Gegham Ohanyan and his companions were in a car, wishing to reach Martuni town from Geghard via the Geghama mountains.

They were found and helicoptered to Yerevan on Friday morning.