December 16
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US Ambassador to Armenia Lynne Tracy today dodged a question about former Director of the National Security Service Artur Vanetsyan’s statement that the Open Society Foundations poses a risk for Armenia and asked to talk only about the Career and Entrepreneurship Fair.

“I am happy to be here today and participate in the Career and Entrepreneurship Fair. This event has been held for a couple of years now, and it is very important in terms of ensuring the relationship between young people entering the job market and employers and clearly presenting employers’ expectations to potential workers. I believe we need to draw our attention to this event and the bright future that we see for Armenia and the bright future that the people of Armenia see for themselves,” she stated.

When asked if American businessmen will be interested in doing business in Armenia after the country implements judicial and legal reforms, the Ambassador said the following: “I am glad to mention that the US government has provided more support, taking into consideration the potential and commitment of the Government of Armenia. Our message to the Armenian government is that it has to make sure everyone plays by the rules, that it is transparent and predictable and that it makes it clear how decisions are made. We will try to present the opportunities to American businessmen and tell the Armenian government about the problems that may be a matter of concern for investors.”

According to her, the government has increased funding for educational programs. “I am certain that the people of Armenia are Armenia’s greatest resource, and it is more than important to invest in human capital. This is also the reason why there is more funding.”

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