September 29
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The Council for Women’s Affairs today held its first session chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan, who gave a speech and particularly said the following:

“Dear colleagues,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the first session of the Council for Women’s Affairs. The day was not selected by chance. Today is Human Rights Day.

Equality is the major and fundamental human right and is enshrined in all international agreements on human rights and implies fair and impartial attitude towards people in different sectors of public life. Accepting this universal principle as a basis, the Council for Women’s Affairs is called for supporting the equal engagement of women and men in society, economy and politics.

Being well aware of the incomplete implementation of the state policy on ensuring equality of women and men in Armenia, I hope we can find more innovative and targeted solutions hinged on in-depth analysis through this Council.

I believe everyone is aware of the Council’s objectives, but I would like to set aside a couple of them that I consider primary, including the following: rule out violence in all sectors of public life, rule out discrimination in all sectors of public life, women’s economic empowerment and the institution of total prevention.

I believe the implementation of the aforementioned actions will lead to the creation of an environment in which my two daughters, our wives, mothers and all women and citizens of the Republic of Armenia and all foreigners residing in our country will be able to be fully realized, ensuring harmonious development and welfare of the whole society.”

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