May 27
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Deputy Prime Minister of Armenia Tigran Avinyan today attended the “Realization of the Technological Potential of Armenia” workshop, reports the news service of the Government of Armenia. Tigran Avinyan delivered a speech in which he particularly said the following:

“It is a pleasure to attend this workshop devoted to the report on realization of the technological potential of Armenia. It is safe to claim that, as in the previous centuries, the economic advancement of countries will be highly predetermined by the level of technological development in the 21st century as well. In this sense, the World Bank’s report on the potential of high technologies in Armenia and our opportunities in the global market serves as a major document that Armenia needs to explore thoroughly.

Armenia is certain that it has all the preconditions to become a country for high technological industry, starting from education, developments and industry and ending with research, international trade and applications in various sectors of economy.

Over the past years, Armenia has recorded 26-27% average annual growth in the field of information and communication technologies, and to stimulate the growth, the Armenian government decided to recognize the high technology sector as an overriding sector and established the Ministry of High Technological Industry.

Armenia is also implementing several programs contributing to the development of the high technological ecosystem with its partners and international financial institutions, and one of the successful examples is the Trade Promotion and Quality Infrastructures Project being carried out with the World Bank.

I am certain that, by establishing effective partnerships with international partners, the academic community and businesses through combined efforts, we will be able to turn Armenia into the leading technology hub.”

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