June 19
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There was no revolution in Armenia, since the revolution changes the socio-economic system and the nature of the political regime, which did not happen, said Russian political analyst Andranik Migranyan on Friday.

According to him, if earlier there was a regime of controlled democracy in Armenia, a soft authoritarian regime, now, the regime of personal power has settled.

"This is a situation where institutions do not work, but one person works. I don’t see any prerequisites for the situation to change," he noted.

The political scientist noted that the marginal opposition (Nikol Pashinyan - ed.), having come to power, declared the importance of relations with Russia, which means that when a person comes to power, he can understand the full responsibility of running the state. However, many people in Russia still take a wait-and-see attitude in order to understand what will happen next.

Migranyan highlighted the importance of creating TV programs on the processes in Armenia, which is a strategic partner of Russia.

"This will clarify the situation in Armenia, but these proposals did not find the necessary response in Russia. Armenia is very poorly represented in the Russian media," he said.

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