September 28
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Groups of people throw stones at police and army cordons, hiding among peaceful demonstrators in the area of ​​the parliament building in central Beirut. Law enforcement officers, in turn, make heavy use of tear gas to disperse activists, a participant in a peaceful demonstration on the spot told RIA Novosti.

According to the participant in the demonstration, several groups of young people broke shop windows in the nearby streets.

Al-Jadid TV channel, citing the Ministry of Internal Affairs, reported that law enforcement officers in the center of Beirut did not take action and called on activists for restraint for an hour and a half while stones flew from the crowd. After several police officers were injured, officers ordered the use of tear gas.

Ambulances and army reinforcements continue to arrive at the clash site in central Beirut.

Meanwhile, supporters of Shiite parties attacked the tent camp of peaceful demonstrators near the parliament and set fire to the tents.

Activists block roads by setting fire to tires and garbage cans in other major Lebanese cities.

Strong confrontations between the protesters and the army began on Saturday at around 5 p.m. local time after a group of activists tried to break through to the parliament building. Collisions using stones, batons and tear gas lasted for several hours.

After some time, activists from the remote cities of Lebanon began to arrive in the center of Beirut to support their associates.

Anti-government demonstrations began in Lebanon on October 17. There are still protests despite the resignation of the government of Saad Hariri on October 29. The economic and financial situation in the country continues to be in crisis. The president of the country, Michel Aoun, announced in early October that the state was suffering from financial blockade and sanctions.

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