March 01
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US President Donald Trump said the results of a Fox News poll published on Sunday are inaccurate.

According to the results, more than 50% of Americans support the impeachment of the head of the White House.

"The @foxnewPolls, always inaccurate, are heavily weighted toward Dems. So ridiculous - same thing happened in 2016. They got it all wrong. Get a new pollster!" Trump tweeted.

According to a survey, 50% of respondents support Trump’s removal from power by impeachment. Another 4% were in favor of impeachment, but against resignation and 41% of respondents are opposed to impeachment.

The House of Representatives Legal Committee on Friday approved two articles of indictment against Trump as part of impeachment. Representatives of the Democratic Party accuse the head of the American administration of abuse of power and obstruction of Congressional investigation. The prosecution should now be reviewed next week by the full chamber.

If the House of Representatives approves the indictment, prepared as a result of the investigation in the Legal Committee, will be transferred to the Senate, where the procedure will turn into a trial. It will be led by the chair of the US Supreme Court. The House actually acts as a party to the prosecution, and senators serve as a jury. At least two-thirds of the votes of senators are required (at least 67) for impeachment. Thus, the likelihood of voting in favor of impeachment is virtually nil. Since the beginning of the year, Republicans (based on the results of the November midterm elections) occupy 53 out of 100 seats in the upper house of Congress.

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