October 21
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Farewell to the greatest illusion; these are not human. Mikael Minasyan, former Armenian Ambassador to the Vatican, wrote this on his Facebook page.

“When the 'love and velvet revolution' took place, it was the greatest illusion that it was happening to every citizen of our country. That every human being should master the destiny of himself and his country. That any change must be "human-centered". Consequently, just in those days, they were lavishly saying words about living in dignity, safe, without cameras and corruption and, of course, cheap [natural] gas. And all this would ensure the "economic revolution" with huge investments, budgeted taxes out of the shade, and an unprecedented number of jobs.

What really happened? The cameras did not disappear but increased, the traffic was not regulated but deteriorated; moreover, the draconian point system was introduced, the gas price did not go down, it would soon go up, investments not only stayed the same but declined. Instead of living a decent life, there are daily protests against illogical decisions. Instead of security, we have a horror about what kind of people will make the decisions about the security of our country.

But the collapse of the greatest illusion is not the one listed above. Ironically, the biggest failure of this government is the absolute fiasco of its most popular slogan. If one can characterize the atmosphere of Armenia today, then it is not "love and velvet". The current public moods filled with hostility, intolerance, and hatred are reminiscent of a mad house. Now people are even ashamed of going to social media. A person becomes ashamed of such manifestations of public relations and networking posts. This government, through the makers of its fakes and paid posts, makes any occurrence, even death, in a public discourse that many sincerely do not know how to respond—to shame, debate, or just curse.

But the problem here is not the transformation of the "love and velvet" atmosphere of hatred. But society is gradually revealing a simple truth. They are not human, in the most popular sense of the word. Never have been and never will be.

They are not human because they are not capable of simple human compassion. They will not offer condolences and will not be ashamed of it.

They are not human because they do not spare the families of the opposition or their own families.

These are not human beings because they only lie. The lie is convincing, big, and so long as there is no need to invent a new lie.

They are not human because they have done everything to get their power, and they are ready to sacrifice anyone for the sake of holding office, walking above holiness and denying all.

These are not human and they are not men. Hiding under the guise of fake users, they attack like hyena, curse, and morally destroy those who disagree with them. Then, without blinking, lie that they do not have fakes.

These are not human; don't try to work with them. They will make you work, attribute to themselves what you have done, and in the end, they will discredit and prosecute instead of being thankful.

They are not human because they have selected terror - endless criminal cases, inspections, and direct threats - as the only way to communicate with political opponents or rivals.

These are not human. Coming to power through the media, today they speak with open threats with their former colleagues.

They are not human because they spread hostility, draw the most disgusting dividing lines.

These are not really human. And they probably never were. And they will never become one. It is an ordinary failed, ungrateful, corrupt, a group that has become aggressive of its own political successes, which is even unable to spot how it has already dilapidated two-thirds of his former success.

Therefore, they must be removed altogether, jointly, with joint efforts, and quickly before they finally destroy the country and the people. And you need not be overwhelmed by the tales of irreplaceability. Both in April 2018 and after and every day before that there also were born and are being born honorable and humane leaders who are capable of mastering the dreams of the people, the dreams that are so violated today.

P.S. By the way, this government suffering with Facebook madness is monitoring who likes my posts. They warn those people outright, intimidate their parents, and make sure that they don't have enough likes, to report to the main Facebook madman that no one is following and reading.

A request to all: Don't like my comments, don't comment, don't share. I know you are many. They also know that you are many. And you are increasing day by day. And their fear is increasing day by day. Fear and anxiety. Because they have realized that they will be punished with all the rigor of the law. And they will pay for a complete deception of the whole nation," he wrote.

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