February 25
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Armenian News - presents a daily digest of Armenia-related top news as of 24.01.2020:

·       The Special Investigation Service (SIS) of Armenia conducted a search in the apartment of the CC president Hrayr Tovmasyan, charged with abuse of power.

As Mihran Poghosyan, one of Tovmasyan's legal defenders said, the investigator made violations while conducting a search in Tovmasyan's apartment.

They were not familiarized with search court order, he added. "The investigator did not submit these documents, and began his illegal activities.”

As Tovmasyan, in his turn, noted, the process against him is political.

"The problem is deeper," he said.

According to him, he was called for interrogation 2-3 times, and today some investigative actions were carried out in his house. “And my request, petition, appeal was one thing - I need a video of all this, because I assure you that everything will not end today.”

·       Two soldiers have been injured in Karabakh military unitArtsakh Defense Army servicemen Henri-Hayk Zakarian, 19, and Armen Mesropyan, 20, sustained gunshot wounds at a Defense Army military unit located in a northerly direction.

Zakarian’s health condition is critical. He has undergone a surgery.

An investigation is underway to find out the details of the incident.

·       Armenian Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports Arevik Anapiosyan's apartment has been robbed.

Unknown took away gold jewelry, money, gold and watches. According to, materials are being prepared in this regard.

·       Ashot Manukyan, a convict serving life sentence, will be released, Manukyan’s attorney Narek Aloyan wrote on his Facebook.

Manukyan was sentenced for the murder of three servicemen 24 years ago. The Penitentiary Service has given a negative conclusion on his conditional early release, while the Probation Service has given a positive conclusion, yet both institutions describe Manukyan as a good person.

·       International women's union of Hamshen has nominated Garo Paylan, Turkish legislator of Armenian descent, for the Nobel Peace Prize.  Saida Ohanyan, Head of HAMSHENIAN Union said that the organization sent a letter to the Nobel Committee with a proposal to nominate Paylan, who devoted his whole life to protecting the rights of Armenians and other indigenous people of the region.