February 19
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The Kremlin continues to analyze the plan for a Palestinian-Israeli settlement submitted by US President Donald Trump, Russian President's spokesperson Dmitry Peskov noted.

According to Peskov, they continue to analyze this information and study the plan that was prepared by the White House administration.

Tomorrow there will also be a meeting with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and more information will be received, as they say, first-hand.

A spokesman for the head of state noted that so far they can only say that the plan has received the full support of Israel, has been supported by a number of other states, but has met with categorical rejection from a direct participant in the so-called deal, we are talking about the Palestinians.

If necessary, Russia is ready to continue to make every effort to do everything possible to achieve a viable peace in the Middle East, he said.

Trump's 'deal of the century'

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday at a joint press conference with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu announced the key provisions of the so-called deal of the century - a plan for a Palestinian-Israeli peace settlement, based on the mutual recognition of the two states.

The US proposes to inextricably link Palestinian territory, consisting of Gaza and the West Bank, with high-speed transport links, and recognize East Jerusalem as the capital of the Arab state. Trump called all of Jerusalem the indivisible capital of Israel and announced the intention of the US to recognize Jewish settlements as Israeli territory.

As a condition for the peace process, Trump called the Palestinian authorities’s refusal to support the Hamas radical movement in Gaza, as well as methods of armed struggle. The United States is offering $ 50 billion in investment to support the settlement.

Netanyahu supported Trump's proposal and expressed his readiness to immediately begin peace talks with the Palestinians. Hamas said the plan was not worth the ink spent on it. Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas and representatives of the radical Hamas movement strongly rejected the proposals of the US president.

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