November 29
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Armenian News - presents daily digest of top news as of 2020:

·       Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan met Thursday with German Chancellor Angela Merkel during his visit to Germany.

PM and Angela Merkel made joint statement before the meeting.

Major changes are expected in the Armenian legal system, and “this isn’t an easy process, but we wish you success in the implementation of your actions,” said Merkel.

PM, in his turn, noted that “Germany is one of the strong bridges that links Armenia to the EU, European civilization and culture.”

The PM also participated in a meeting hosted by Friedrich Ebert Foundation and touched upon the Karabakh issue. “Armenia has already said that it will view Azerbaijan’s attack on Karabakh as an attack on Armenia,” PM noted.

Touching upon the constitutional referendum, he said that the impartiality of Armenian judges is a mandatory condition.

The PM also spoke about immigration and noted that since 2018, the number of citizens of Armenia seeking status in the territory of the EU has decreased more than twice.

·       Six more people have been charged in the criminal case opened against Vahagn Vermishyan, Chairman of the Urban Development Committee of Armenia, on charges of bribe-taking.

Based on a court ruling, three of them were arrested for two months.

·       Yerevan State University professor has been apprehended for taking bribes.

From 2017 to 2019, a lecturer took bribes ranging between $1,000 and $ 8,000 from a number of people to carry out illegal acts in favor of them, or of those whom they had introduced.

And on January 31, this lecturer was apprehended by the NSS officers after taking a $1,000 bribe.

·       The Netherlands notified the General Secretariat of the European Council and the Council of the EU on February 12 about the completion of its internal procedures necessary for the ratification of the Armenia-EU deal, Armenian MFA spokesperson Anna Naghdalyan wrote on her Facebook.

The Dutch Senate unanimously ratified the Armenia-EU agreement on December 17.

·       Coronavirus death toll has reached 1,491, 124 deaths have been recorded over the past day, worldmeters reported.

One of the patients died in Japan - this is the first death from a coronavirus in this country. According to media reports, this was a woman about 80 years old.