April 09
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The Human Rights Defender of Armenia has launched independent monitoring of the referendum for amendments to the Constitution of Armenia to guarantee the right to participate in the referendum and the other rights of citizens.

1. The process of the referendum is a reality and is directly linked to the rights of citizens. Therefore, this entails the need for the Human Rights Defender to use his powers to guarantee those rights.

2. Monitoring of the organizing and holding of the referendum for constitutional amendments will concern the whole campaign for the referendum, the day of the referendum and the events that may take place after the referendum.

3. The monitoring will be fully conducted on the basis of the fundamental principles of independent, impartial and apolitical activities.

4. A task force has already been set up upon the decision of the Human Rights Defender.

5. The task force will monitor the releases of mass media outlets regarding alleged violations of rights during the organizing and holding of the referendum and on the day of the vote.

6. Verbal and written complaints addressed to the Human Rights Defender, including alarms received on the hotline will be properly considered.

7. It is envisaged to maintain close communication with all competent bodies, including the Central Electoral Commission within the scope of the referendum.

8. The Human Rights Defender will monitor how journalists are treated to guarantee respect for the work of a journalist.

9. Issues related to offense, degradation of dignity and hate speech will particularly be in the focus of the Human Rights Defender.

10. Persons holding public positions are restricted by their offices. The Human Rights Defender requests that all officials strictly maintain the limits of their status.

11. The Human Rights Defender calls on all the participating or non-participating parties, as well as all social media users to refrain from words or statements that contain offense or hate or encourage this. It is necessary to treat differing views with respect and conduct all discussions in an atmosphere of solidarity.

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