March 29
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An on-duty doctor at the medical center in the Armenian city of Meghri refused to check the two children of Tsovinar Poghosyan (former resident of Yerevan and current resident of Agarak city of Syunik Province) and urged her to take the children (the children have a fever) to a checkup the next day. The 31-year-old mother of three told Armenian that two of her children have had a fever for a couple of days now, and today, she took one of the children to the medical center in Meghri since the child’s situation had gotten worse.

“My husband and I barely managed to take the child to the medical center in the evening, but there was nobody there, not even the receptionist. After I banged on the doors, a woman came out and asked us why we had come at that hour and told us there were no doctors available. I told her that my child had been taking medicine for a couple of days, but the body temperature hadn’t dropped, and I asked the woman to call a doctor. She called one of the doctors, but the latter was busy with another patient and said we had to go home and come back the next day,” the mother said, frustrated, and added that the doctor never came down to check the child.

Tsovinar said she and the children went back home. She bought drugs from the drug store and is currently trying to lower her children’s body temperature “on her own”.

Tsovinar also stated that they live 1.5 kilometers away from the border checkpoint and is afraid of the coronavirus that has already spread across Iran.

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