May 23
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YEREVAN. – The Azerbaijani propaganda is changing tactics, becoming more flexible and understandable to the international community. Political scientist Anzhela Elibegova said this during the “Khojaly 28” discussion.

According to her, the Azerbaijani propaganda has is working the entire year and a lot of money has been invested in it, but the Armenian side responds to this propaganda by means of its contacts, the Armenian diaspora, and the work and agility of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Elibegova stressed that the Armenian side has long established a database on the events in Khojaly.

"There is no need to search," the analyst noted. "It is just necessary to use the existing materials just as the Azerbaijani side does; it spreads disinformation led by the Aliyev family.

“We must tell the world the truth. You need to respond at least the same way, use social media, make them listen to you. But one has to deal with it, to say it in a language that is understandable to the world. The Armenian side hardly reacts to the Azerbaijani propaganda; there is no serious plan. ”

Anzhela Elibegova added that the consequences will be serious. "Azerbaijani propagandists have thoroughly prepared a falsified database—fake photos, lists of the dead, even statements," the analyst assured. “The Armenian side has proved this long ago. Our data are based, first and foremost, on evidence from Azerbaijani sources."

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