June 19
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YEREVAN. – Hraparak daily of Armenia writes: The refusal of the CC [Constitutional Court] judges to retire early has caused deep disappointment in the ruling team. It turns out that they had not only hoped until the last second that there would be those who will resign, but on the last day well-known figures (...) invited the judges to [respective] meetings, with the exception of women members of the CC, whose determination [not to resign] no one doubted.

“The [forthcoming] referendum [on constitutional amendments] was first of all thought not of holding, but as a serious tool of pressure on the judges. The authorities are not particularly inclined to hold the referendum; it was needed to make the [CC] judges understand that they were going to leave in one way or another in a month, so they need to go ‘in a god way;’ but the ‘tool’ did not work.

Now they will have to go to a referendum, the positive results of which are also questionable,” our source said.

And have the judges gone to the meeting in the last days? "No. During the passing month, some had responded to the authorities' proposals for a meeting, but on the last day, they have not responded, gone, as one person, making it clear that they will not give up."

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