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The April 5 referendum for constitutional amendments is the logical continuation of the revolution, and even though this comes late, there will finally be a Constitutional Court that will enjoy the trust of the people. This is stated in the statement issued by the Sweden-based Assembly of Armenians of Europe.

The statement reads as follows:

“Dear compatriots, in the current situation, the only option and opportunity to solve the crisis in the Constitutional Court is to let the people decide through a referendum. Thus, by taking advantage of your right to expression of free will, participate in the referendum in order to achieve one of the major goals of the revolution, that is, the functioning of institutions of a democratic and legal state and the establishment of power of the people.

The Assembly of Armenians of Europe CALLS ON showing active participation and liberating the last “bastion” of the former regime by saying YES to the amendment to the Constitution.

We call on citizens of Armenia living abroad to travel to Armenia and participate in the nationwide referendum, if possible.

Since, according to the existing Constitution, citizens of Armenia living abroad don’t have the opportunity to participate in referenda and elections and since it is impossible to restore their right quickly, we offer the authorities of Armenia to take a symbolic step and provide Armenians in certain large communities of the Diaspora with the opportunity for SYMBOLIC participation in the referendum. Taking this experimental step will create an opportunity and help Armenians of the Diaspora become self-organized and help them be more aware of public and political life in Armenia.”

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