May 22
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Although there is a decline in military tension in Syria, in any case, the overall situation will remain the same, especially on ground, taking into consideration the fact that there are some clashes here and there. This is what Arabologist Sargis Grigoryan told Armenian today, adding that the global agenda on Syria is dictated by these events.

“The government forces are succeeding, and the Turkish officials’ statements show that the Turkish armed forces are becoming less involved,” the Arabologist stated.

Based on Grigoryan’s predictions, during their March 5 meeting, Putin and Erdogan will discuss concrete solutions such as the creation of Turkey’s zone of influence in northern Syria which has a length of 900 km and which may include Idlib.

“Putin and Erdogan might also consider the proposal to weaken the political influence of Kurds in northern Syria and the creation of a 25-30 km deep zone of influence, but they will take US interests into consideration,” he emphasized, adding that each of the sides is trying to meet its geopolitical objectives in these processes.

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