June 06
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First the human, then the business. Galaxy Group of Companies, which unites 15 companies with more than 3,000 employees, has made the decision switch to a special work mode.

In order to prevent mass congregations of people, Yerevan Mall (with the exception of Carrefour Supermarket) and Pahest33, TI’ME chain of stores - companies with huge customer traffic - will remain closed until March 23. Chronograph, Megasport and Megatoys will maintain operation and serve customers through central offices and implementation of daily disinfection mechanisms, encouraging online transactions and services in the meantime. Ucom will set a special duty schedule to ensure uninterrupted services, in addition to offering subscribers access to the free hotline (8003) of the Ministry of Health. Simultaneously, IUnetworks and Megafood (business-to-business companies) will have the options to either completely or in accordance with the schedule terms work remotely.

During the special work mode, Galaxy Group of Companies, emphasizing the health of its employees, their families and the community, will provide employee salaries as well as addition financial costs that will arise throughout this period regardless of whether the workplace is open or closed.

“Presently, our group of companies accesses every third household in Armenia through of its services, so we take strict measures to ensure the health and well-being of our community. Our employees need to be confident that their employer is standing right by their side by providing everything they need. Galaxy Group is a human-centric company, a fact proven over the years, so first the human, then the business,” said Gurgen Khachatryan, Co-Founder of Galaxy Group of Companies, Chairman of the Management Board of Ucom.

Galaxy Group of Companies launched a special awareness campaign internally in early March among all of its employees. The group also set up a special task force to provide employees with protection and disinfection materials, guidance and more.

“Working parents make up for a significant percentage of our company, so it's our duty to give them the opportunity to take care of their children. Of course, it is easy for programmers to work from home, and that's the least of what any company can do," said IUnetworks CEO Vahram Merangulyan.

“For us, the safety and health of our employees, customers and tenants are above our business interests and we urge other public places to act this way in order not to contribute to the spread of the infection,” said Yerevan Mall CEO Vazrik Sekoyan.

"We have a special discount for shopping online, in order to further encourage the reduction of customer traffic through remote transactions. Every small step can have a big impact in terms of public responsibility,” said Megatoys CEO Anna Avetisyan.

“Today, more than ever, people need to be informed about their relatives and we are working 24/7 to provide a seamless connection to our subscribers. Rest assured that our network and infrastructure are capable of providing our country with stable and high quality connection, and this is the advantage of having a telecommunications company with Armenian capital,” said Ucom CEO Hayk Yesayan.

It is important to note that the social responsibility portfolio of Galaxy Group of Companies makes up a significant portion of the company's profits, which is spent annually on education and support of innovation with the aim of improving people's quality of life. As part of its corporate social responsibility programs, Galaxy Group implemented major border security projects, invested in the provision of public infrastructure rural communities in Armenia, as well as the annual Christmas Charity Campaign aims at addressing and solving the problems different vulnerable groups.

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