February 29
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Executive Director of the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) Aram Hamparian went live on Facebook and shared his views and gave a precise answer to the commonly asked question “Is the Artsakh decision final?”, according to Armenpress.

“This is a very heavy attack, I think, maybe the worst we have seen. But this is nothing new. This administration is following the tradition set by Clinton, by Bush, by Obama and now by Trump,” Hamparian mentioned.

He recalled that back in 1997, when Brad Sherman brought an amendment to the House Foreign Affairs Committee in order to adopt legislation that would authorize US assistance to Nagorno-Karabakh for the first time ever, the amendment was attacked at pretty much the same language that the State Department is attacking the program today. However, this process paved a way in the next several months for the adoption of the measure, the provision in the FY98 appropriations bill and with the support of many others that aid program was adopted as part of the fiscal year 1998 foreign bill.

Speaking of the most-asked question related to the final decision, Hamparian stressed: “The final say will come in the coming weeks, within months as the fiscal year 2021 of Foreign Aid bill is drafted...Is the Artsakh decision final? The answer is no. The final decision will be the result of the interplay between the executive and the legislative branches. For our part, we are working very, very hard on this front”.

Although he assured that both Artsakh office, Armenian Embassy to the US and ANCA are teamed up, working on this issue, they need the assistance of U.S. citizens, the Armenian community in particular.

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