May 26
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Presidential candidate of the Republic of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh Republic), hero of Artsakh, General Vitaly Balasanyan has addressed the people of Artsakh with the following message which particularly reads as follows:

“Dear people of Artsakh, sisters and brothers,

As you know, on March 16, the Government of Armenia followed the example of several countries and declared a state of emergency to fight against the coronavirus. The decision came late, but it was the right decision.

Artsakh and Armenia are not isolated territories, and the citizens of both countries actively communicate with each other. Of course, there are no confirmed cases of coronavirus in Artsakh, but if we don’t make active efforts, we can’t guarantee that the coronavirus won’t spread to Artsakh.

This is exactly why I called on declaring a state of emergency in the country ten days ago, and yesterday I sent the head of state my lawyers’ statement of information presenting the sufficient grounds for the lawfulness of a state of emergency. If undesired developments unfold, the incumbent authorities will be fully responsible.

The circles that are trying to destabilize the domestic political situation in Artsakh with the help of foreign forces must also have a sense of responsibility.

I have already stated that if turbulence is incited by foreign forces, only Artsakh’s enemy can benefit from this, and this is inadmissible. Artsakh is not an ordinary state. Unfortunately, it is still internationally unrecognized, and there is always a risk of war. Any turbulence will increase the risks.

Dear compatriots,

We don’t need powerful turbulence. We need a powerful Artsakh.”

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