May 22
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Minister of Defense Jalal Harutyunyan is pressuring voters. This is stated in the Facebook post of presidential candidate of the Republic of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh Republic) Vitali Balasanyan.

“Today, on the last day of the election campaign, during my personal meetings with citizens in Stepanakert, I met three servicemen near the entrance to K. Ivanyan School, talked to them and gave them booklets.

Later, based on the information I received, I found out that Minister of Defense Jalal Harutyunyan had assigned to conduct an official investigation into this, and this is a violation of voters’ rights and is direct pressure on voters.

During our phone conversation with me, Jalal Harutyunyan said he has made a decision that servicemen must not be entangled in electoral processes.

It’s very bad that the defense minister is unaware of voters’ rights and doesn’t know that servicemen are also voters and that elections are also an electoral process.

I recommend that he become familiar with the Electoral Code and urge him not to hinder the pre-election processes.

I also warn that everyone will be held liable by law,” he wrote.

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