May 25
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YEREVAN. – The activities of the government have turned into the activities of an anti-crisis operative headquarters. But it is important to note that, overall, which is our general view on overcoming the socioeconomic difficulties. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said this Saturday at the consultation on the course of implementation of capital programs in Armenia.

"In fact, today we are focusing on solving the following problem: We are talking about job creation, as soon as its solution becomes possible in terms of epidemics,” he said. "We know that there will be major changes in the labor market due to the effects of the coronavirus, and the government needs to promote the creation of new jobs. What is the tool by which the government can promote job creation? In the first sense, it is, in our view, the effective implementation of capital spending and the possible increase in the volume of capital spending.”

According to the Prime Minister, today the work of the Armenian government is divided into two main parts. "The first part is the activities of the Commandant’s Office, which is sometimes faced with conflicting tasks,” the PM said. “The first is to prevent the spread of the [coronavirus] infection [in Armenia], and the second is to quickly create conditions for more and more institutions, enterprises the opportunities to work and an arena for  more economic activity opens, which in turn does not lead to a new epidemic outbreak.”

The second direction, according to the Prime Minister, is the implementation of socioeconomic support measures and the promotion of capital spending. "In this new situation, in epidemic conditions, the efficient use of capital spending and its potential scope and potential for investment are of particular importance," he said. "Therefore, our task in the economic sphere is to create new jobs through the promotion of capital spending, and this should be the priority of our government during the economic crisis management."

Nikol Pashinyan added that the more Armenia’s residents strictly adhere to the current regime of restrictions during these 10 days, the sooner the country will return to normal life.

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