May 23
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Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) Republic President-elect Arayik Harutyunyan made a post on his Facebook page on the occasion of the Triple Holiday of May 9.

"Dear compatriots!

The message of the Triple Holiday has a special meaning in the life of our people, as it sums up in itself the most precious payment—thousands of innocent lives—for our national victories and peace, for our dignified existence.

Today, I bow my head before the undeniable contribution left by the brave children of our people, who have won a glorious victory in the Great Patriotic War and the battle for the liberation of Shushi.

I am proud to have been one of the soldiers of freedom, who has finally turned the Armenian fortress city of Shushi into ours, where the best fell with the death of the hero. Hail to all the martyrs!

My heartfelt congratulations to the keeper of the borders of our united homeland inviolable and the real guarantor of peace in the region: the Defense Army and its entire staff, on the occasion of the 28th anniversary of the establishment of the army.

Dear Armenians living in the homeland and the Diaspora,

At this binding moment, I declare that, in commemoration of the victories of the Armenian people, on May 21, I will address to my people my solemn oath on the occasion of assuming the post of the President of the Artsakh Republic from historic Shushi—as a testament to faith in a bright future.

Glory to the Armenian people!

Long live its heroic children!” Harutyunyan wrote.

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