March 27
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YEREVAN. – Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan on Wednesday chaired the first sitting of the interdepartmental commission on defense reforms in Armenia.

"Why was it necessary to create such a commission?" Pashinyan asked and added: “In the Republic of Armenia, the army, the Armed Forces are an indisputable authority and have an indisputable reputation. (…) but at the same time we have a strange phenomenon when the reputation of serving in the army, the Armed Forces does not correspond to the reputation of the Armed Forces, and as a task, we formulate to equate the reputation of the service with the reputation of the Armed Forces.”

As to why this commission was set up within the Security Council, the Prime Minister said: "There is a large-scale reform (…) going on within the Armed Forces during this time. (…) and in the meantime, there is a need for us to have the opportunity to form a glance from the side to the matter posed, and the commission was set up for that purpose within the Security Council.”

Pashinyan noted that the deputy heads of a number of departments were included in this commission, and such an approach was taken into account in order to keep the discussions as detached as possible from the influence of political conjuncture and tension.

The PM expressed hope that as a result of the activities of this commission, it will be possible to have an effective reform program and be sure that these reforms will achieve the necessary results.

Then the future activities of this commission were discussed.

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