June 01
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Artur Vanetsyan, the former director of the National Security Service of Armenia, gave an interview to Hraparak daily, and the latter on Friday posted some noteworthy excerpts from that interview.

When asked how he planned to come to power and what will be the ideology of the political party he plans to found soon, Vanetsyan responded as follows, in particular:

The ideology of our party will be centrism—with a right direction, because I very much underscore traditional values and the preservation of traditions. But that doesn't mean we're going to be a party operating in the conservative arena; we will be a party operating in the center. The most important idea and ideology will be the interest of the state, the appreciation and underscoring of the state, and, along with all that, I underscore the preservation of our [Armenian] identity, our national traditions.

A clear slogan [for our party] has not been developed yet, but the ideas around which we unite can be described in two words: "Progress and traditions." In other words, we [Armenians] must always develop, move forward with the world, but we are obligated to preserve our identity, our national traditions.

I am in favor of change of power solely in a constitutional order; any violation of the constitutional order that does not stem from our laws is impermissible for me. The most logical change [of power] with a constitutional order is the regular parliamentary elections, the snap elections, and the third option: the political forces in the current National Assembly launch a change of prime minister and government, and a new prime minister is elected.

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