June 07
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Former director of the National Security Service of Armenia, chairperson of the board of trustees of Homeland Development Fund Artur Vanetsyan has given an extensive interview to Hraparak Daily.

Hraparak Daily: Mr. Vanetsyan, when will your political party hold its congress? Who will be heading the party and what is the political party’s plan for the near future? Is there a plan for shift of power, or is it still in the stage of design in terms of ideology?

Artur Vanetsyan: Due to the restrictions set as a result of the coronavirus, our plans changed, and we weren’t able to hold a congress and play a role in Armenian politics as a political party. However, taking into consideration the current situation and the restrictions which, I believe will be longstanding, in this stage we are considering an option to hold a congress in a different way. There are a couple of options. In about 15 days, we will announce the format for holding the congress and establish our political party. As far as the political team is concerned, there are 1,700 citizens who have applied to join our political party. The plan, value-based and ideological principles and the political team will be determined during the congress. I wouldn’t like to set aside anyone in this stage, but I can say that our team will include people with great human and professional attributes.

Hraparak Daily: Which field will you be active in?

Artur Vanetsyan: Our political party will be a part of the opposition and will try to come to power and relieve the people of these authorities by presenting our political platform.

Hraparak Daily: Mr. Vanetsyan, how are you planning to come to power? Will you wait for the next elections, or will you help lead the country to snap elections through other resources? What will your political party’s ideology be? Do you have a motto?

Artur Vanetsyan: Our political party will be a centric, right-wing party because I attach great importance to traditional values and the preservation of traditions, but this doesn’t mean that we will be a conservative political party. The major idea and ideology will be appreciation and importance of state interest and the State, and I also attach importance to the preservation of national identity and traditions. There is still no motto, but I can put our ideas in the following way: Progress and Traditions. As far as regular or snap elections are concerned, I can say that I only support shift of power through the constitutional order, and any violation of constitutional order is inadmissible for me. The most logical shift of power is the subsequent parliamentary elections or snap parliamentary elections, and the third option is a change of the Prime Minister and government at the initiative of the political parties in the National Assembly and the election of a new Prime Minister.

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