July 04
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Former Ambassador of Armenia to the Vatican Mikayel Minasyan has posted the following on his Facebook page:

“Dear Mafioso family and media servants serving the family,

You are carrying out the propaganda of the empire of your lies just like the way you govern the country, that is, like the head of a village, ineffectively and only with the obsession of making money, just like the way you fight against, say, the coronavirus pandemic.

For the past two days, I have been following the media’s hysteria with a smile on my face, and the climax was the report that I watched on Armenian Public Television today.

This proves that:

1. You don’t have any response to my allegations;

2. Your methods are age-old, and your style is old and not convincing;

3. You are truly terrified by me.

Mafioso couple, continue to keep me in your focus consistently so that you make it easy for me to accomplish my mission to disperse the darkness.

I have never sued the media, and I am not preparing to sue them now because I can imagine the mental state of journalists who are compelled to complete the crazy assignments of the mad patient.

As console, I can say that it won’t be too long before your loyalty to the ‘revolution’ is proved.

I know you are all scared, and I understand you because the anger of the people is already becoming uncontrollable.”

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