July 08
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Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan is involved in the international arms trade, said Mikael Minasyan, Armenian ex-ambassador to the Vatican.

"2016. There are many fictional and real stories about the April war. But there is one public consensus that unites everyone - the former, current authorities, experts, the public - that the Armenian and Artsakh authorities, despite being ready for hostilities from the military point of view, were unprepared in terms of information.

It means that the Armenian armed forces did not know exactly when, how, and by what forces the enemy will attack. And because of that omission, the previous authorities fired a person who was officially responsible for that omission. I am talking about the former Head of Intelligence Department, Arshak Karapetyan," he added.

According to him, since Nikol Pashinyan likes to use people, he told Karapetyan that if he wants to become an important person in the new Armenia, he must provide his services, "and General Karapetyan started providing services."

"On the 23rd of the month, General Arshak Karapetyan secretly went on a business trip to Voronezh," he added. 

According to him, since there is both a state of emergency in Armenia and Russia, General Karapetyan could not leave Armenia and cross the Russian border for a private visit, "so he went as a state official, and there is nothing about it on the government's website."

He went by the secret or verbal order of the Prime Minister, Minasyan noted. 

According to him, "Nikol Pashinyan, who has long used General Karapetyan for special and dark tasks, this time sent him to Voronezh to negotiate with the special services of Russia" to help the PM and his family over the case on smuggled cigarettes, "so that a criminal case is not initiated."

As Minasyan noted, General Karapetyan's "mission" did not end there, after which he took action by Pashinyan in Moscow to negotiate with the officials of the Russian defense ministry to cover up the scandal as well.

Minasyan also noted that Nikol Pashinyan has attracted Armenia to the black market for the international arms trade.

According to Minasyan, Pashinyan is ready to do everything for money and power. 

"That's why he tried to reach an agreement with our two biggest enemies to strengthen and seize power," he said adding: "Nikol Pashinyan does not respect the Armenian people, does not respect human life."

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