May 23
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Deputy of the My Step faction of the National Assembly of Armenia Ruben Rubinyan has posted the following on his Facebook page:

“In order to have a good understanding of what an indescribably rotten political system was established in Armenia before the revolution and how indescribably rotten certain sectors of that system remain today, it is enough to record the following:

The world is in a pandemic, along with all the hardships. The epidemic is growing in Armenia, and Prime Minister Pashinyan and his whole family are also infected. The government and several conscious citizens are doing everything they can to strengthen the fight against the epidemic and make it more effective.

Amid this, certain specific forces have started demanding a new government and have started speculating the issue of Artsakh, without any shame.

Today, it turns out that Gagik Tsarukyan has also spoken out, predicting the country’s perdition, talking about the issue of Artsakh and expressing willingness to collaborate with any political party or individual to save the country from the current authorities.

Move forward, Mr. Tsarukyan, the Republican Party of Armenia and the Country of Law Party are waiting for you.

As a deputy, I am not surprised at all, but as a citizen, I must say I am stunned by the scale of hypocrisy. We will surely overcome the coronavirus, and after that, we will remember and recall who did what and how they behaved.”

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