September 29
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YEREVAN. – Hraparak daily of Armenia writes: Voronezh [city of Russia] is becoming crucial for Armenia. Last night, at one o'clock, there were two patients with confirmed coronavirus on the plane that came from Voronezh, who knew that they were infected, but came to a funeral.

"They boarded the plane, endangering the other 70 passengers, knowing that they were ill, they came, arrived in Armenia," said a person in charge of the domain.

And why did those in Voronezh allowed them to come (…)? "First of all, it is possible that they were asymptomatic, they were not running a fever, and then, it is a good reason: they are going back to their country."

And how did you find out? "It is very accidental; as a result of a private conversation.” Did you eavesdrop by way of the law on locationing? "No. A relative of theirs started looking for a place where they should isolate. He openly told one of the directors of our hospitals that they were sick, that's how we found out." And what did you do? "We transferred [them] to hospital by ambulance for treatment."

And what about those seventy [passengers]? "It's complicated; they have to voluntarily self-isolate, one way or another; the polyclinics have to deal with them." Will they [do it]? "They have to."

In general, how long will this Sodom and Gomorrah last [in Armenia]? "After for some time, the peak will be registered, the numbers will rise, then the wave will drop, but we will have problems again in the fall."

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