July 25
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YEREVAN. – As of June 1, 2020, we have several hundred fewer deaths than as of June 1, 2019. Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan announced this on his Facebook livestream Saturday morning.

"There is a very interesting reason for that. First, as of June 1 last year, 2,307 people [in Armenia] had died of cancer, whereas this year—2,213; almost 100 less. What is the explanation? The explanation is that a quite large percentage of those who die from potential cancer are infected with the coronavirus, and the coronavirus did not allow the cancer to become the cause of death, it [COVID-19] became the cause of death. If we believe these statistics, it turns out that if it weren't for the coronavirus, some cancer patients [in Armenia] infected with the coronavirus would have died from cancer.

The same is [true] in the case of respiratory diseases. Last year, 1,448 people [in Armenia] died from these diseases, whereas this year—1,062 people; that is, about 400 fewer people died. The reason is again the same.

Since some people with this disease have received more intensive medical assistance because of the coronavirus, as they could have applied late last year, they have been hospitalized earlier this year; as a result, they have recovered from the coronavirus, and their respiratory condition has improved; that is, ‘thanks to’ the coronavirus, the person has been cured of his other illness, or his condition has improved.

The situation is approximately the same for endocrine diseases, less infectious and parasitic diseases.

That is, as of June 1 [of this year], we [Armenia] have a much better mortality indicator than as of June 1, 2019," Pashinyan said.

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