February 26
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The growth of international tension, political instability and worsening socio-economic conditions in many countries of the world will be the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, Institute of Economics and Peace said in a new report.

For 14 years now, the institute has been compiling the Global Peace Index, which takes into account factors such as the level of social cohesion, respect for human rights, political and economic stability, the number of prisoners, the level of a terrorist threat, defense spending and the participation of or another country in hostilities.

In 2020, the authors of the report note a decrease in the global index and predict this trend will continue in the future, primarily due to the long-term effect of the pandemic.

“The worst is still to come,” Reuters reported quoting Steve Killelea, head of the Australia-based IEP.

“The countries which are going to suffer the most are those which are currently fragile because they are the ones which generally have higher levels of food insecurity, the governments are politically less stable and economies are less robust.”

The most peaceful country in the world remains Iceland, which retains the first line since 2008. It is followed by New Zealand, Portugal, Austria, and Denmark. Afghanistan ranked the last right after Syria and Iraq.

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