April 24
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YEREVAN. – Zhoghovurd daily of Armenia writes: Political summer is also heating up in the parliament. On June 13, a special sitting of the National Assembly will be convened to discuss the government's decision to extend for another month the state of emergency, which was declared in Armenia on March 16 and has already been extended twice.

According to Zhoghovurd daily’s information, the [ruling] My Step [bloc MPs] have already been warned to be ready for both that sitting and the fact that the whole of June will be heated, and the MPs will spend the whole day in the parliament, so to speak.

First, the discussions on the draft 2019 state budget are still going on these days, and on June 16, the regular session will start, the agenda of which will be quite full, and the budget execution will be discussed at that time as well. And although this will be the last regular session, there will be no shortage of special ones due to the state of emergency, and the need to adopt new drafts due to the coronavirus situation, discussing the issues left unfinished.

Moreover, depending on the response of the Venice Commission, it is not ruled out that the issue of the Constitutional Court will also be resolved by the authorities before the parliament goes on vacation. Otherwise, they will address this issue in September.

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