July 11
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The constitutional amendments also apply to Vice-President of the Constitutional Court Alvina Gyulumyan. This is what Minister of Justice of Armenia Rustam Badasyan told reporters today, touching upon Gyulumyan’s statement that the amendments don’t apply to her.

“They do apply to her. The amendments state the judges who have served as members or judges for a total of 12 years. Moreover, the will of the Constitution is also expressed in the justifications for the amendments to the Constitution,” the minister said.

Touching upon the statements of judges to challenge the amendments and protect their rights, Badasyan stated that anyone, including Alvina Gyulumyan is free to exercise the right to a fair trial.

When asked if he isn’t concerned about the fact that member of the Constitutional Court Vahe Grigoryan was elected a judge of the Constitutional Court, but hasn’t been working for the past year, Badasyan said he is concerned about the fact that an official doesn’t do his or her job.

A journalist stated that the government knows that adopting the constitutional amendments is overthrow of the constitutional order, isn’t taking any action and is leaving it up to the National Assembly and asked how the minister would interpret this, Badasyan said the following: “There can’t be any discussion on overthrow of the constitutional order. I regret the fact that there are people who can view exercise of the power of the people and exercise of the power through the National Assembly as a crime.”

Asked if there may be coercive measures, if the members of the Constitutional Court don’t step down, Badasyan said he thinks there will be a need for coercive measures since the amendments to the Constitution are already in effect.

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